My “Leap of Faith” Entrepreneurship Story | featuring Go Daddy

2019 has been an incredible year for me so far. In the past 6 months a lot has changed and I had to make one of the hardest and scariest decisions of my life.

But before I get too far into that, let me rewind a little bit. 2018 was overall a good year, but it definitely ended very rocky. I felt lost in terms of my career direction, I was extremely depressed, and to top it all off, my dog whom I cherished dearly passed away on New Year’s Eve. I was beside myself.

I had reached such a dark place that I ended up deciding to take a medical leave of absence from my job in order to work on my mental health. During that month away from work, I left New York to be with my family in Los Angeles, and I constantly worked on myself and on my passion projects. I prayed to God for guidance, confidence, clarity, and inspiration and I definitely received all of that and more. This relentless effort brought me leaps and bounds from the place I had been and showed me the power of prayer and speaking things into existence. I went back to my job in New York with a renewed sense of clarity that this was not what I was supposed to be doing.

This experience, along with the untimely death of Nipsey Hussle, one of my favorite rappers/businessmen/change-makers/etc., led me to alter my perspective about life. I no longer want to prescribe myself to other people’s opinions of what I should and should not be doing with my own life. I refuse to spend another day willingly partaking in anything that makes me consistently unhappy because tomorrow is never guaranteed. I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting my life or end up 60 years from now reminiscing and regretting not pursuing the things that made me truly happy.


This all led to me making the decision about 4 months later to leave my prestigious job on Wall Street to pursue my passion projects full time (along with possibly pursuing a Master’s degree in business and technology). I never thought I would leave New York so soon, but I know that I will always be able to call this city my home. For now, I need to explore new options and to see what these new opportunities will bring to the table.

Now, as I begin my entrepreneurship journey, I got the chance to work with Go Daddy, a company I have admired for many years. Their mission is to help their customers succeed by giving them the tools, insights, and people to transform their ideas and personal initiative into success, however they measure it. They are helping me jump start my career by giving me the platform to build my personal website, making my ventures look professional from the start. I am using Go Daddy’s Website Builder and it already looks flawless! Visit to keep up with my work as a serial entrepreneur, model, blogger and more!


GoDaddy’s Website Builder is a straightforward and simple way to build a brilliant website and get your idea out there for everyone to see. You can even build your website in under an hour! How perfect is that?! GoDaddy’s Website Builder includes a suite of tools that get your company found on Google and beyond – from the basics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to email marketing, and even your social media presence. Update and manage your website from anywhere on any device! Using Godaddy will help you kick start your entrepreneurial journey just like me!

Let me know if you guys like the website builder and I can’t wait to see all the awesome things you create! I look forward to my new career path and I am so excited to share this new journey with you all!

xoxo, Arielle

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4 thoughts on “My “Leap of Faith” Entrepreneurship Story | featuring Go Daddy

  1. The only decision you MUST make is that you wont make a big decision without going into that quiet space and seeking God’s Counsel… the good news is.. it’s within you.. “Be STILL and KNOW”

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