In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

Coco Chanel


Puerto Rican Stripes

It’s finally Spring in Philadelphia! Hopefully it will welcome us with some warm, tropical weather because I am tired of bundling up. To celebrate the beginning of Spring and to reminisce on my recent Puerto Rican adventure, check out my outfit from my last day on the trip below! (To read more about my Puerto […]

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La Vida Nocturna en Puerto Rico

I love traveling. (Check out my last post on Why You Need To Travel The World with my thoughts if you missed it!) When I travel to new places, it’s always fun to check out the nightlife. Although it can be very touristy, sometimes you meet some interesting people and cultivate great memories! When going […]

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About Me

Get to Know Me | Founder of Heylifestylee

Hello, it’s me… Arielle! For 2016 I figured I should finally muster up the resolve to finally create the blog I’ve been thinking about for way too long. My friends and even strangers are always complimenting my outfits – when I actually decide I want to wear something other than sweats – my makeup, and […]

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