4 Plastic Surgery Myths Debunked

Humans are wired to appreciate beauty. We love admiring beautiful scenery, a magnificent piece of art, or even cute animals. The same goes for ourselves; we want to look beautiful and enjoy looking at something (or someone) pleasant. In our never-ending search for beauty, we’ve developed ways to alter our physical features to make them more complementary to our aesthetic— plastic surgery.

However, as normal as it may seem nowadays, plastic surgery is still surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. It’s a hot topic for curiosity and intrigue, especially because of its portrayal in the media. But, we should always separate fact from fiction, especially when it comes to surgery. In this post, we’ll debunk the common myths about going under the knife.

Myth 1: It’s only for the rich and famous

This is the most common myth when it comes to plastic surgery. After all, we most often hear about when celebrities and influencers go under the knife.

But, it’s not exclusively for them! Even ordinary people like you and me can undergo plastic surgery. Anyone who wants to enhance their natural features can do so. Plus, many surgeons nowadays offer less invasive treatments at affordable prices!

Myth 2: Results last for a lifetime

While it’s true that plastic surgery lasts for a long time, its results don’t last for a lifetime. You’re not resistant to the effects of aging and external factors even if you’ve gone under the knife.

For example, frequent tobacco and alcohol use can shorten the effects of plastic surgery. This, along with harmful UV rays can prematurely age the skin and decrease the desired effect from your procedure(s).

Additionally, natural aging processes can change the look of the work you had done. Therefore, it’s essential you do proper aftercare to fully take advantage of the results.

Myth 3: Results are always perfect

When you’re undergoing a procedure, it’s important to note that the results aren’t always flawless. Several factors can affect the outcome of plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons have varying levels of skill, and not all of them can give you the result you’re aiming for.

The key here is to not expect perfection, but rather improvement on your primary concern. Many women who’ve undergone breast implant surgery ended up replacing or removing them because they’re not satisfied with the results. Other reasons could be a ruptured or aging implant. This is why you should always consult with your plastic surgeon so that you can expect realistic outcomes and know proper aftercare requirements.

If you happen to be unsatisfied with your breast implants, you can always replace them. Click here to know more about that procedure.

Myth 4: It makes you look completely different

We often see people do a complete transformation after plastic surgery. It’s a common scenario in movies and TV, but is totally not the case for the average person.

Plastic surgery aims to enhance your natural features. Meaning, it refines the features that you already have. Plus, many plastic surgeons strive to achieve results that look natural. This means that the surgery takes into consideration your unique facial or body structure and harmonizes it with what you have. So, don’t think you’ll have an entirely new look after going under the knife!

Plastic surgery has come a long way. It’s much more accessible and possible to achieve natural results. However, you should always think carefully before you undergo any procedure or major surgery. After all, it aims to enhance your natural beauty so you can feel confidently beautiful, not regret it!

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