Why a Closet Clearout is so Important

If getting dressed often entails a full-scale assault on your wardrobe, you’re not alone. It’s so easy for garments to pile up over time, for shoes and other accessories to be placed haphazardly around your room, and for you to search through a thousand different pieces of clothing to put an outfit together.

If you find that this happens more often than not when dressing yourself, it may be the perfect time for a closet clearout. But of course, clearing out or creating a capsule wardrobe takes time and effort to achieve. Trying on every piece of clothing to see how it fits, categorizing pieces from “wearable” to “trash” or “giveaway” takes time and energy and a good deal of physical effort.

Consider this when you’re ready to take on a closet clearout of your own:

New Storage Measures

If you’re the kind of person who tends to place clean laundry folded on a chair, only to place it on the bed when you need the chair, and back and forth again… it happens to the best of us. However, it can be extremely helpful to integrate better storage options into your wardrobe so you don’t play this game of garment Tetris day after day.

Doing a closet clearout and integrating the proper storage measures will make a huge difference. Solutions like shoe storage that fit under your bed, or buying accessory hangers, storage boxes, or a new dresser for underwear and socks, allow you to set the stage for better organization in the future. When you organize things, everything becomes easier to find and therefore, easier to keep tidy.

Don’t Throw Everything Out

The idea of a “closet clearout” is to, well, clear things out, of course. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw out all of your old clothes. Some older garments may still be useful. For example, it may be time to retire a few items, but you can give them a new life. Instead of throwing them out you can put them in the “old clothes” category. This means you can garden in them, wear them when baking or cooking messy dishes, or even doing work around the house. For example, use older items as rags or as cleaning materials for other accessories or household items. You’ll see what I mean when you follow this guide on how to clean diamond earrings.

You can even use older clothes to patch up clothes you want to keep, like when using old denim to fix a hole in newer jeans. Additionally, some items are great to keep as basics for when you want to use layering to spice up an outfit. There are a lot of potential use cases for your old clothing. A small drawer filled with neatly fitted old clothes can be a lifesaver, so don’t throw everything out.

Better Ventilation

An overcrowded wardrobe can actually feel (or smell *ew*) a little musty after a while. For example, if you hang a not-entirely dry coat inside a closet without really thinking about it, things can smell mildewy. Spreading out your clothes on the hanger will ensure that clothes get the ventilation they need to avoid taking on the general smell of the wardrobe. It helps to make sure the doors are open from time to time to better ensure garments stay fresh. Additionally, ventilation from your air conditioning inside of your wardrobe helps too.

With this advice, you’re sure to get the best from your closet clearout. Happy organizing!

xoxo, Arielle


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