Try These 10 Fun & Creative Activities on Your Next Trip

Are you bored of the same old travel schedule – checking into your hotel, sightseeing, having dinner, and then going to sleep and doing it again the next day? Why not spice up your next vacation by participating in some fun and creative activities instead? Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. Attend A Workshop or Class

Workshops sound like work, but don’t write them off just yet. Many cities and towns offer classes in anything from cooking to dancing. You never know when or where you may pick up a new hobby or skill – and it can be a great way to meet locals and learn more about the culture!

Or, join a cooking class near you and enjoy sampling the delicious food afterward. Nothing is better than learning how to make a traditional dish while traveling! For instance, if you’re in Thailand, take a class on how to make Pad Thai (my favorite) or Green Curry.

2. Take A Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon rides are available in many places around the world, similar to the one I took in Mexico City! What better way to explore and experience the countryside than from up high? With 360-degree views of your destination, there’s beauty no matter where you look!

3. Go Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt that’s perfect for travelers looking for some adventure. Simply put, you use your GPS device (or phone) to locate hidden caches all over the world. It’s like playing hide and seek – with bigger rewards!

4. Take an Art Walk

One of the best ways to capture your travels is through photography. Take some time out to explore with your camera in hand – it will give you a greater appreciation for where you are, as well as great shots for your photo album! Also, thanks to street art, urban areas are often full of color and life which make for great photos. Whether it’s graffiti murals or sculptures – exploring the artistic side of a city can be eye-opening and inspiring.

5. Play Games At Arcades

Arcades are not a thing of the past – they’re still around in many places and are so much fun! Take some time to search for local arcades and play some classic games. Who knows, you may even find some new ones to add to your list of favorites!

6. Get Out In Nature

If you’re looking for an activity that will push your boundaries, consider going on a hike. Don’t forget your camera – you never know what kind of beautiful sights you will find! It’s the perfect way to explore nature, get some fresh air, and challenge yourself.

Or, if you’re looking for a peaceful activity, consider going stargazing. Find a spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city, lay down a blanket, and gaze up at the stars. It’s a fantastic way to appreciate the beauty of the night sky – plus, it can be quite romantic!

7. Participate In A Local Festival

Local festivals are always an excellent way to explore, eat, and experience the culture of any place. From concerts to food – there’s nothing like a good festival. For example, I’ve always wanted to attend one of the festivals in the Caribbean, from Barbados’ Crop Over Festival to Jamaica’s Reggae Sumfest, there’s so many to choose from and they always look like so much fun!

8. Try Out A New Sport

Are you an adrenaline junkie? If so, why not try out a new sport while you’re traveling? There are tons of extreme sports available, from skateboarding to bungee jumping – the options are endless!

9. Bar Hop

Bar hopping is a great way to meet locals and experience the nightlife of wherever you’re visiting. The best part? You get to try out different drinks and snacks throughout the evening!

10. Visit A Local Farm

We often forget about the importance of agriculture when we travel; however, visiting a local farm is an excellent way to learn more about the area and enjoy some peaceful time away from the city.

Traveling is an exciting adventure that’s full of possibilities. From exploring street art to stargazing and bar hopping, there’s no shortage of great activities to do while traveling, so why not make the most of your journey? After all, it’s not every day that you get to explore the world!

xoxo, Arielle


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