Considering Plastic Surgery? Here Are the Pros and Cons

I know a lot of people who are either considering plastic surgery or have already done it. Especially living in Los Angeles with Hollywood right around the corner, it’s almost as if everyone feels the pressure to look perfect.

Perfection cannot be attained, but there are ways for people to get as close to what feels like perfect as possible. Plastic surgery has become a highly desirable way to improve one’s self-esteem in modern society. It can be used to enhance your outward appearance, correct deformities, and ultimately help you boost your confidence.

Nonetheless, it is crucial that one acknowledges the potential risks associated with plastic surgery before making any decisions regarding their own treatment plan. With this knowledge on hand, undergoing such a procedure could bring about numerous positive outcomes for both physical and mental health.

What Types Of Plastic Surgery Are There?

Plastic surgery is an expansive field, ranging from reconstructive to aesthetic. 

Reconstructive procedures are intended to treat physical deformities that hinder the patient’s quality of life or capacity for function. This may include breast reconstruction after mastectomy and hand corrections post-accident.

Aesthetic plastic surgery is typically done to improve one’s appearance in order to increase their self-image. This can include rhinoplasty (nose job) for nasal hump removal or a facelift to correct wrinkles or sagging skin.

What Are The Advantages Of Plastic Surgery? 

Improving Self-Confidence:

Gaining control over one’s life and restoring lost confidence are just two of the many benefits that come with plastic surgery. Afterwards, individuals can look in the mirror without shame or apprehension, which helps drastically increase self-worth.

Plastic surgery is a powerful way to improve not only physical appearance, but also emotional health by aiding people in regaining their sense of dignity and enhancing self-esteem.

Increased Quality Of Life:

Plastic surgery is not just about obtaining aesthetic improvements. It can also be an incredible way of improving overall quality of life.

After a procedure, people usually feel better due to pain relief from a previous condition for example, or gain more energy as physical deformities are corrected. This leads to living fuller, more productive lives that allow them to reach new heights in their day-to-day activities.

Enhanced Physical Appearance: 

Aesthetic plastic surgery is a wonderful option to step up physical appearance. Patients not only achieve a more youthful look, they also can feel more free to dress fashionably and gain self-confidence. Depending on the method chosen, many individuals have reported looking even better than before their procedure.

What Are The Potential Risks Of Plastic Surgery? 


With plastic surgery comes an inherent risk of side effects such as infection, bleeding, and nerve damage. Moreover, the body may react adversely to foreign substances used during the procedure (such as implants or fillers) if not administered properly—adding yet another layer of danger.

Unsatisfactory Results: 

The advantages of plastic surgery are undeniable, but there is the potential for complications such as asymmetry and scarring, which might leave individuals dissatisfied with their outcomes.

Financial Stress: 

In addition to any physical or emotional pain caused by plastic surgery, there is also a financial burden to factor in. Procedures can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on what method is chosen. Therefore, it’s necessary to make sure you have the funds to cover these costs beforehand.

Are There Other Ways To Boost Your Confidence?

Apart from plastic surgery, there are several other ways to boost your confidence. A few of them include the following: 


Investing in yourself is a surefire way to increase your self-esteem and confidence. Participating in activities that bring you joy, such as sports or reading, can cultivate an optimistic attitude and provide emotional gratification. Pampering yourself with occasional beauty treatments will offer the perfect pick-me-up every once in a while!

Working Out: 

Exercising is a no-brainer when it comes to sharpening your confidence. Science confirms that when we sweat and increase our heart rate for at least 30 minutes a day, your body releases endorphins which help us feel more positive. Additionally, physical exercise improves our physique and has a huge impact on positive body image.

Changing Your Habits: 

By replacing bad habits with healthy ones, you can take control of your life and become more self-confident. Eating nutritious meals, striving to achieve your goals in career or personal life, or even starting a hobby are all great methods for increasing your confidence without opting for plastic surgery!

Practicing Positive Affirmations:

Embracing gratitude is essential for enhancing one’s self-confidence. Devoting time to cultivate positive thoughts will improve your sense of worth, as well as generally improve your perspective. In addition, you can recite or note down daily affirmations that promote optimism and help solidify those positive thoughts about yourself.

Professional Therapy: 

Although it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life, seeking professional guidance might be an excellent strategy for establishing self-confidence. An expert can assist you with methods of dealing with stress and anxiety in a healthy manner which could result in feeling more secure about yourself and your circumstances.

Keeping A Journal: 

Putting pen to paper and expressing your feelings, reflections, and thoughts can be a powerful form of therapy. Through this practice, you explore ideas beyond the surface level as well as discover more about yourself. In addition, writing grants you the opportunity to reflect on all that you have achieved thus far, promoting an optimistic attitude toward life and its many adventures!

Is Plastic Surgery The Right Choice For You?

Plastic surgery can offer many benefits, but it should not be taken lightly as it carries potential risks or burdens that must be weighed against the advantages. There are other methods of boosting your self-confidence and you should assess which ones will work best for you.

Ultimately, regardless of how you choose to boost your confidence, make sure that you are making the right choice for you. Don’t let society or anyone else pressure you to do something that you don’t feel entirely comfortable with. Make a decision that will make you feel content with yourself and result in a positive outcome!

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  1. Great article! Lots to consider if you’re thinking about going under the knife. Thanks!

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