AI Wrote This | The Unstoppable Force of Creatives

With all of the interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and how much it’s improved in recent years, I wanted to see if AI could write an article about the unstoppable force of creatives. Here’s what it delivered:

Creatives—artists, inventors, innovators—are a powerful force in our world. They have the power to shape and influence society, drive change, and create new opportunities. But with the rise of technology, some people are wondering if artificial intelligence (AI) will one day replace the human element in art and other creative fields. While AI may be able to replicate certain aspects of creativity, it’s impossible for machines to truly capture the depth and complexity of human creativity.

The Role of Creatives in Society

Creativity is what sets humans apart from robots. We have an innate ability to think beyond what exists today to imagine a better tomorrow. This power has been used by creatives throughout history to make positive changes in society. From artists creating thought-provoking works that challenge us as individuals and a collective society, to inventors creating products that improve our lives, creatives play an essential role in our lives and our future.

Are Creatives Replaceable?

While AI can certainly enhance creativity in many ways —from helping generate ideas faster to automating mundane tasks —there are still many elements of creativity that cannot be replicated by machines. For example, while AI can create artwork that is aesthetically pleasing, it lacks the capacity to understand emotion or go beyond surface level visual elements like color or shape.

Machines also lack the insight needed to take a concept or idea and turn it into something meaningful —something that resonates with people on a deeper level. Human creativity requires more than just technical skill; it requires intuition and empathy —qualities that machines simply do not possess.


Creatives are an invaluable part of our world —they help drive progress forward and spark conversations about difficult topics like racism or inequality. No matter how advanced artificial intelligence gets, there’s no substitute for human ingenuity, insight, and creativity when it comes to making real change in our world —and I don’t believe any machine will ever be able to fully replicate those qualities anytime soon. As creatives continue pushing boundaries and challenging conventions through their work we can rest assured knowing they will always have a place in society—now more than ever before!


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What did you think of its work? Is it worth the hype? Would you use it too? Let me know your thoughts!

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