5 Signs It’s Time For a New Job

Do you feel perpetually stressed out about your work? Do you ever feel like you don’t belong in your current role? Is your work environment toxic and draining? If this is the case, it sounds like you are ready to move on.

Many people have no choice when deciding to leave their current job. They may need to resign to take care of a family member, make an out of state move, or even for health reasons such as following a cancer diagnosis related to AFFF exposure or smoking. However, those are only some of the warning indicators that it is time to look for new employment elsewhere. Here’s a list of 5 other warning signs that it’s time for you to seek out a new job.

You dread getting up on a Monday morning (more than usual)

It is a given that no one likes getting up early on a Monday (or if you’re like me, you don’t like getting up early no matter the day lol). Although, if your dread begins to feel completely unshakeable, this could be an indication that your time at this job has reached its natural conclusion. The typical workweek for full-time employees consists of 37 hours spent either in the office or on the job site. This is a majority of your waking hours each week! If you are stuck in a job that gives you nothing but unhappiness for so many hours of your day, it is a solid sign that you need to look for something else to do with your time.

Your day-to-day duties feel mundane

There are not many occupations in the world that can consistently be described as exhilarating and exciting. Perhaps people who perform dangerous stunts or are at the top of their sport experience this kind of joy, but for the rest of us, work can be a roller coaster ride with intriguing highs and monotonous lows. If you’re experiencing more lows than highs on a daily basis, that should serve as a huge warning sign for you. Your work should not be monotonous and boring; rather, it should be challenging and interesting.

You are not gaining new knowledge

Are you able to expand your skill set at your current job? Is the management team making an investment in you and the ambitions you have for your career? It is natural for people to want to improve their situation and advance in their roles. You have a significant issue on your hands if a clear path for growth at your company doesn’t exist now or in the near future. If this is the case, it’s likely that you would benefit more by leaving this job for a better role somewhere else.

While you have taken on more responsibility, your salary has remained the same

Is the number of things on your “to do” list longer than your arm? It’s not necessarily a negative thing if the amount of work you have to do has been steadily increasing. This shows that you are a valued member of the team and you are trusted with more responsibility. However, this should undoubtedly be reflected in the amount that you are paid. It’s time to speak up if your manager has been delegating you more and more work, but refuses to give you a promotion to match that. Stand up for yourself and know your worth!

You never get a restful night’s sleep

Being stressed out at work can make it difficult to fall asleep and/or stay asleep. The feeling of not being able to “switch off” is more harmful than you might initially believe it to be. The inability to strike a healthy equilibrium between one’s professional and personal lives can have repercussions that extend far beyond the quality of your sleep. This can extend into all of the other parts of your life as well. It can negatively affect your personal relationships, your general ability to focus, your mood and so much more.

There are many indicators that your body and your circumstances will give you that you are not in an environment conducive to your continued growth as an employee, or simply as a human being. If there are more red flags than green ones, trust that your intuition is guiding you to make the best decision for yourself. Don’t be afraid of the unknown because a better life is on the other side of fear! Don’t let that get in the way of your dreams. Good luck to you!

xoxo, Arielle


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