6 Simple Steps To Planning A Stress Free Vacation

After two summers without real, worry-free vacations, it’s only natural that you might want to make up for the lost time in 2022. (I know I do!) In order to do so, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to prepare. A little planning can go a long way. It makes a big difference in your ability to let go and relax while on vacation, in addition to not having to worry about anything when you get back home. Keep reading for six steps to planning a stress free vacation.

#1. Take into consideration the impact of Covid-19

While the worst of the pandemic is hopefully over, (fingers crossed!) its impact continues to be felt in different ways. This is especially true when dealing with travel. Cases are still rising while airports and other busy public locations are settings that could potentially have you most at risk. Taking the necessary hygiene precautions such as washing your hands regularly, carrying hand sanitizer and wearing a face mask while around a lot of other people will be key.

#2. Reduce the need for internal travel

The journey to your destination is a necessary part of the vacation experience. Once you get to your destination though, you probably don’t want to spend half of your leisure time on the road. Choose accommodations that are as close to as many of the activities you plan to enjoy during your stay as possible. Selecting a location where there are plenty of adventures at your doorstep is the best way to go. Then you can spend more time enjoying your time away.

For example, this guide from Smoky Mountain Ziplines highlights the opportunities at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. From daytime activities to restaurants and evening entertainment, fun isn’t hard to find! Having plenty of options for activities also allows you to be more spontaneous and enjoy the moment. Not having to worry about a schedule every day can be very freeing!

#3. Pack the essentials

A break from the stress of work and daily life is one of the great things about taking a vacation. However, a few home comforts are extremely beneficial. Making sure to pack the right equipment, travel fashion, and accessories is crucial to planning a stress free vacation. Whether you’re traveling around the world or just heading a few towns over, you will definitely notice the impact of your preparation.

In addition to packing the essentials, it’s important to inform relevant companies about your travel plans. Banks, cell providers, and other services may place restrictions on your account if you fail to notify them in advance of your vacation. This is especially true when you visit another country. Being caught overseas without access to funds or phone calls would be definitely put a damper on your trip.

#4. Choose a suitable travel party

Vacations mean spending a lot of time in close proximity with your travel buddies. Therefore, it makes sense that you would go with people that you enjoy spending a lot of time with, feel comfortable around, and can communicate with. Being friends at work, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean that spending 10 days with a colleague will end up well. Overlooking this fact could potentially mean a ruined vacation!

The harsh reality is that vacations are one of the most common causes of broken friendships. Conversely though, adventures enjoyed with the right people are infinitely more enjoyable. Aside from the benefits during the trip, choosing the right travel party will make it so much easier to plan a stress free vacation.

#5. Tie up loose ends at home

Getting away from your home environment for a few days is an ideal opportunity to refresh your mind and recharge your batteries. However, it will be hard to truly relax if you know there are issues awaiting your return. From managing work emails to tidying your home or doing laundry, you should prepare appropriately in order to stay on top of these tasks before you leave.

Especially if you’re a plant or pet owner, you’ll also need to arrange suitable care, unless the plants will survive the time away or the animals are coming with you. Meanwhile, investing in a home security system like Swann home security cameras with remote monitoring can be very useful. The ability to oversee things from afar can help ease any worries and give you peace of mind.

#6. Consider the outbound journey

Since the journey to your vacation destination is undoubtedly part of the travel experience, it’s important to make sure your transit plans are as comfortable as possible. It’s particularly important to focus on the outbound trip. If that leg of the trip is a nightmare, it’ll start off your vacation leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

If taking a road trip, make sure to check your vehicle in advance. If taking a flight or public transport, try to book convenient times and non-stop trips.

It may seem simple, but planning in advance can really help you avoid stressful moments while traveling, and will allow you to arrive at your destination in good spirits. In turn, you can start to actively enjoy the vacation from the second that you arrive. Happy planning your stress free vacations!

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