WFH Fashion Ideas for the Busy Woman of 2020

Now that December is here (happy holidays everyone!) and we start to reflect on this past year, 2020 has undoubtedly changed all of our lives, especially when it comes to where we spend the most of our time. In the past, we spent so much of our time in the office for work and commuting back and forth. Now that Covid-19 has forced us into a completely digital-first environment, people are figuring out how best to work from home (WFH) and still be as productive as possible. In doing that, it’s important to create a WFH environment for yourself that is conducive to productivity and focus, which includes how you decide to dress each day. For this post I’m joined by guest blogger, Suzy Walsh, sharing with the Heylifestylee community some fashion tips while we all adjust to this WFH lifestyle! Let’s jump right into it with Suzy.

The pandemic has forced many of us to WFH. This may seem easier since you don’t need to travel to the office anymore. At home, however, you can get stuck juggling too many things at the same time, and in between all of that, you are expected to look good every time there is a video meeting. Working from home must be productive and when you dress up before work starts each day, you create that professional environment and attitude in your mind. That’s really, really important. In this post, let’s talk about WFH clothing ideas, which are easy, breezy, and practical!

Wear your sweatshirts

There is nothing more comfortable than wearing sweatshirts at home. It doesn’t look very formal, but it’s not too casual either (and it’s perfect, especially if you have a more relaxed job environment). You can team it up with almost anything – a nice pair of shorts, or often with wide-legged pants, which is next on our list. 

Wide-legged pants

You are obviously not heading to the boardroom, so you don’t have to wear those fitted pants anymore at home. Instead, go for wide-legged pants, which are extremely easy to pull off, and super comfortable, so you can continue doing all the other things you want in the house. You can view more of this style on many major online stores. 

The summer polo tee

If you are someone who loves to wear denim and tees, you can replace the standard tee for a polo one, giving you a more formal look. This is particularly great when you have to talk to someone on a video conference and you don’t want to look too casual. If you don’t have a couple of solid-colored polo tees, it might be time to get one!

Wear your earrings

On a lazy day when you don’t want to dress up but want to feel a tad more well-groomed, all you need is a nice pair of danglers. Earrings can instantly change the overall look of your face and you will feel more confident, even when you are just wearing a regular tee. 

Sweaters are cool too

If you live in a region where it can get pretty chilly, you can also wear a regular sweater while working – preferably in one solid color – with your pants, chinos, or denims. This gives a groomed look, even when you are not trying too hard. 

Creating an atmosphere where you can work and feel good at the same time is not always easy, but when you choose to dress up in a way that makes you feel good, your mind is ready to take on the tasks at hand.

It also helps to make the right fashion choices while you WFH if you first spend some time creating a capsule wardrobe. This helps you take the stress out of choosing your outfits everyday. Also, try shopping for the basics online for good offers. Then, when quarantine lifts and the pandemic subsides, you can take some tips on transforming your look to spice up your wardrobe into 2021! We hope these tips come in handy for you, and Heylifestylee has some amazing posts and content that is bound to make your days happy.

Author Bio: As the editor of The House of Elegance Fashion, Suzy Walsh has worked with many blogs and online magazines as a guest author. She loves to review and talk of runway fashion and likes to bring exclusive styles for the masses, by offering in-depth content.

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