The Top 5 Shoes Every Girl Needs This Summer 2018

Summer 2018 is HOT! Maybe it’s because I’m in New York this year so this urban heat island is getting to me. Who knows. But with fashion trends changing almost daily… How do we keep up? How do we know which ones to choose? How do we keep some money in our pockets? How sway?

Instead of giving you all the latest shoe trends so you feel pressured to go out and spend all of your money, I’m back again to help you pound the pavement in style with the TOP 5 SHOE TRENDS YOU NEED THIS SUMMER 2018!

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Toe Ring Leather Sandals

I used to think these were just AWFUL. You couldn’t get me to wear a pair if you paid me. But this summer, shoe designers have stepped their game up! Even though all of this summer’s trends seem to be throwbacks, this is a modern refresh that makes you look beyond stylish. Toe ring sandals are becoming the new flip flop and I’m all for it! These shoes even include a pop of gingham which is probably going to be on every girl’s body at some point for the next couple of months. So, jump on this bandwagon!

Jaggar Gingham Toe Ring Sandals.jpg
Toe Ring Sandals from Lisa Says Gah $140

The Scarf Wrap

This applies to your clothing as well! Wrap yourself up from head to toe in some fun, bright fabrics and you’ll instantly look photoshoot ready. The scarf wrap is so feminine and soft, but it’s also really comfortable because your foot isn’t strapped into some inflexible, non-breathable material which is perfect for the warmer weather. Throw a cute pattern on it and you’ve got yourself a shoe.

Dolce Vita Aida Heels
Aida Heels from Dolce Vita $89.99


This woven fabric gives you a multimillion dollar-Hamptons-beach-house vibe. If done right, you just look expensive (but the shoes don’t have to actually BE expensive, you feel me?). Who doesn’t want that?

Topshop Raffia White Shoes
Woven Shoes from Topshop $85

The Pointed Toe

I LOVE these shoes because they hit FOUR trends in one! They include a bright pop of color, they have a gorgeous sculptural heel, they’re mules, AND they have a pointed toe to finish it off. You really can’t go wrong with these beautiful shoes!

Topshop Pointed Toe Sculptural Heel Orange Mules
Sculptural Heel Mules from Topshop $130

Futuristic Trainers

Trainers have been at the forefront of shoe universe for a few seasons now and it seems like they’ll be sticking around for a while. I’m not mad at it though! I love to be comfortable so wearing cute sneakers 24/7 isn’t something I’d argue about. This pair is great because they touch on two other trends of the season as well: white and metallics. I could wear these everyday! (But I probably wouldn’t because I try to avoid my white shoes getting dirty for as long as possible lol)

Topshop Chunky Trainers
Ciara Chunky Trainers from Topshop $65

Thanks for reading and I hope this list helped you navigate this season’s shoe trend landscape!

xoxo, Arielle


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