A Helpful Foundation Guide for Makeup Mavens

Finding the right foundation (and beauty products in general) for your particular skin type is HARD. Especially when you’re a woman of color. Everybody’s skin is so different!

So I teamed up with Reviews.com to bring you this foundation guide, which I thought would be perfect for the gift-giving holiday season!

Every foundation formula claims to be “a perfect match”, yet how can one product be a perfect match for every single person? EXACTLY. It can’t!

In order to help avoid this all-too-common dilemma, the team at Reviews.com looked at over 360 foundations and created a guide to the best options on the market. Six makeup experts were interviewed, they scoured through beauty reviews, and personally tested the finalists. Not only did they find two foundations that rose to the top, but they also created a guide to help beauty enthusiasts find the right shade for their specific skin type, all while providing tips to achieve a flawless face.

Here is their link to their top picks for The Best Foundations!


My personal top favorite foundations (especially for women who like medium and matte coverage) are:

  1. Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Foundation in the color NC45
  2. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless drugstore foundation in Cappacino

These are the colors I use when I’m a bit more tan, so right now they’re looking a little bit dark on me. These winter months aren’t doing me justice! So I need to go stock up on a slightly lighter color.

I also need to try Fenty Beauty’s foundations because they are made for matte coverage and that’s everything that I need in my life with how oily my skin can get throughout the day. I went to a Sephora one day and tried it on the back of my hand, and it looked beautiful. I think my shade is 310, but I will be back soon to try Fenty Beauty out for real!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite foundation is! Have a happy holiday season!

xoxo, Arielle


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One thought on “A Helpful Foundation Guide for Makeup Mavens

  1. This is awesome. Maybe NOW people’s faces will match there necks and not look like it belongs on someone else. Keep sending us more great ideas and products.

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