The Top 5 Shoes Every Girl Needs This Fall 2017

Summer is over, school is under way, and the Fall solstice is upon us! Although I’m not returning to campus this time around and the workplace has become my new normal, I still gotta keep up with all of the changing trends.

But, with trends changing almost daily… How do we keep up? How do we know which ones to choose? How do we keep some money in our pockets? How sway?

Instead of giving you all the latest shoe trends so you feel pressured to go out and spend all of your money, I’m back again with the TOP 5 SHOE TRENDS YOU NEED THIS FALL 2017!

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Sparkle and Shine

Glitz and glam took over the runways for this season. With metallics, sparkles, and shiny embellishments, you can make shoes the focal point of your outfits. Dolce Vita is one of my favorite affordable shoe designers and these boots are fabulous for a night out with your girl friends!

Elana Bootie from Dolce Vita $120

Urban Cowboy

Cowboy boots have never been my first choice in shoe, but the urban take on this classic southern design might have changed my mind! These small studs in this geometric pattern really give these otherwise unremarkable, yet cute brown leather boots some serious pizazz.

Basila Studded Ankle Booties from Macy’s $132.30

Red Hot

You can’t go wrong with bold colors this season. Red, white, and blue in particular seem to be the colors of choice. How patriotic! Choose your favorite boot style (thigh high, to the knee, below the knee, slouchy, sock fit, or ankle boot) and your favorite bold color and you’ll be turning heads all day.

HUNK Setback Snake Effect Boots from Topshop $150

Fall Fabrics

Satin, silk, velvet, you name it. Load up the intricate stitching and design work and you’ve got yourself a hot shoe. These shoes would look super cute with some light wash, frayed, cut off denim jeans, a simple patterned blouse, and a large yet casual purse. Or you can dress them up with a less casual maxi-dress for nighttime!

Nanette by Peggy Embroidered Mules from Macy’s $69.30

The Mule

Although the mule has graced this list in the past, it continues to take new forms each time around. Adding artistic patterns and fun embellishments refreshes this look and gives it a trendier feel. Add some color to your shoe collection with these awesome mules!

Elize Mules from Dolce Vita $59.90

The meta trends this season are ultra-pointy toes, booties (either slouchy or sock fit), bold color, and unusual fabrics. The design element of shoes has definitely been elevated and it’s igniting my inner shoe fiend! Give me all the shoes! *swoon*

I hope this helped you navigate this season’s shoe trend landscape and thank you for reading!

xoxo, Arielle


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3 thoughts on “The Top 5 Shoes Every Girl Needs This Fall 2017

  1. I don’t have Facebook anymore but I got this notification through email and I absolutely love every pair of those shoes. You have amazing style lady. So proud of you~Celeste

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!! These are incredible. They fit most every outfit and appear good for walking. Great choices. Love it!!!!!!!!!!

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