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Fashion Nova is one of those retailers you see all over Instagram. Even the famous Love and Hip Hop: New York star, Cardi B, has promoted them. They have sexy models with beautiful, curvy bodies, and typically tight fitting, often revealing clothing.


Honestly, my first thought was that it would be – to so eloquently put it – a “thot shop”… where girls that like wearing really tight, revealing clothes would go. This is a picture of one of their main models on the site:


See what I mean? For a moment I got on my high horse and was like hmphh. I am a classy, GOD FEARING woman, and I do not dress in such ways!


Not that this isn’t a cute dress, but it realistically isn’t something I would wear. I like to dress to flatter my own body shape and I don’t have the cleavage she does so I wouldn’t fill out the dress in the same way.

But, one day I caved in. God won’t hate me for just looking right? *slowly types in the url* So I decided, why not see what the hype was all about. Once I visited the site and saw how incredibly affordable the clothing is, I had to do some browsing. After clicking through a lot of their pages, I saw so many things I liked! My cart started filling up before I knew it.

My Thoughts

The site is very easy to navigate, they have regular sales, their original prices are extremely affordable, and they have many different options for dresses, rompers, bodysuits, tops, jeans, shoes, jackets, jewelry, and more!

Then I thought, there must be a catch. Once I order all of these things, the quality is about to beĀ trash isn’t it. Regardless, I decided to take the chance anyways. I ordered around 10 things (I couldn’t help myself) and waited for them to arrive. Their return policy lets you get store credit, which I typically don’t like, but because I saw so many cute things, I figured it would work out alright.

Once my things arrived the week after and I started trying things on, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the clothing. I am a huge stickler for buying quality items that don’t look cheap, even if they are. For example, the jeans are ACTUALLY JEANS. They’re not some weird jegging material, they are actually denim! The clothes aren’t flimsy, they are made well and they are comfortable too! I was like *praise hands emoji*, we lit.

I was genuinely surprised because they made their mark via social media, which I would think wouldn’t equal quality, but Fashion Nova has some great clothes and I will definitely keep buying from them!

2018 edit: I continue to buy clothing from Fashion Nova and they’ve only gotten more popular! Although they have raised their prices just a smidge, everything is still extremely affordable and the quality hasn’t been compromised. To be honest, Fashion Nova is one of the FIRST places I go online when I’m looking for new clothes. Who would’ve thought!

xoxo, Arielle

P.S. Although I write in a satirical fashion, this review is completely serious and honest! I really do love this online store, so leave a comment and let me know what you think about Fashion Nova!


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