How To Get Super Soft Lips

Winter is here and that means the weather is going to be BRICK (i.e. very cold). Winter weather dries out your skin and hair so easily, so split ends and chapped lips are customary. But they don’t have to be! Especially not chapped lips.

Here are some tips to keep the dryness away in any weather.

Drink Water

The first thing you need to focus on is drinking a lot of water. I’m the worst at this. My mom is always telling me to drink more water, but it’s not easy! Keeping a canister of water nearby at all times is a must. And if you get a cute one it makes it even easier! Personally, I keep a cute AKA water bottle to rep my sorority!

Moisturize Consistently

Another tip is to consistently moisturize throughout the day. One thing I do every night before I go to bed and throughout the day, is moisturize my lips. Anyone that knows me knows that I have like 30 different chapsticks lying around my room and in my purses. I am NOT exaggerating guys. Chapstick is my life saver!


Make sure you exfoliate as well! Just like you exfoliate your skin, you can exfoliate your lips too. Grab an new and unused toothbrush (or make a DIY lip scrub with sugar and honey), dampen your lips, and scrub them with a little bit of coconut oil or olive oil. And that’s it! Do this as many times as you want (maybe not more than once a day) to keep the dry skin away.

Or if you’re not a big DIY-er, this is a great lip scrub from Fresh you can get for $24.


Pro tip: before you go to sleep every night, moisturize your lips with Vaseline (petroleum jelly). You can get it pretty much anywhere for super cheap. This traps in moisture so throughout the night your lips don’t dry out and you wake up with pillow soft baby lips!


Thanks for reading and please remember to share, like, and follow! Let me know if you have any other tips you use to keep your lips soft!

xoxo, Arielle


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