The Makeup Product I’m Looking Forward to Using All Fall 2016

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season! And you know why?!?

It’s not just because I get to layer up and have more fashion options, it’s also because I get to change my makeup to a more sultry, matte look with a wide range of deeper hues. Mac is killing the game right now by bringing so many new colors of lipsticks and blushes… I am loving all the choices we have! It makes it so hard to keep my money where it belongs (in the bank you feel me…)!

As I was searching through Mac’s products, I found an amazing blush color that I just couldn’t resist. It’s so versatile that I will definitely be using it as an eyeshadow too! And it comes in a smaller pan so I can take it anywhere I go for touch-ups! YESSSSS.

The blush I found is a vibrant powder blush in the color News Flash!


I am so excited to use it and I will be uploading a makeup look with it soon.

Let me know what makeup products you all are excited to see and use this fall!

xoxo, Arielle


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