Happy Labor Day! As fall slowly approaches, the weather is sort of at an in between stage. It’s hot during the day but at night it’s beginning to cool. It’s raining a bit more frequently and it’s colder in the shade. What do I wear?

Especially when you’re at work and it feels like it’s -20 degrees in the office but when you go outside it’s like you’re in an oven. So confusing!

So, I decided to put together a work friendly outfit that you can throw a jacket over if you get cold, but because you’re in brighter colors you can stay cooler in the heat outside. And forget that no white after Labor Day “rule” (who made that up anyway?!)… I wear white whenever I want to and you should too!



If you want to see another white look, check out White Works !

Outfit Details

Top and Shoes: H&M

Pants: Thrifted

Choker: Nastygal

Earrings: Van Cleef and Arpels

xoxo, Arielle


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