Is Contouring DEAD? | Discussion and Highlighting Tutorial

Contouring is a makeup trend that’s popped up on the scene and will NOT disappear! …Or has it?!

Contouring is the act of selectively placing a makeup product (like foundation or a product created specifically for contouring) on the parts of your face that naturally create shadow or depth such as the low parts of your cheekbones, around your hairline, your jawbone, and along the sides of the bridge of your nose. This typically is done to have a “chiseling” effect on your facial features.

Now people like to add a highlighting product to their face to further enhance this chiseled effect. But, some people have foregone contouring all together. So, who knows, will this be the end of contouring? Or will people still love to carve their face to the gawdsss!? Leave a comment, let’s discuss it!

So today I’ll be showing you all how to highlight! I like highlighting alone much more than contouring alone because you can lightly do it for a subtle daytime glowy look, or you can just pile it on for a more in-your-face shine. Whatever the occasion calls for you can go for it!

Whether or not contouring is really dying (heavy contouring definitely should show it’s way out though, because let’s be real we can ALL see that dark line across the middle of your cheeks hunny and it’s NOT CUTE! Please remember to blend, blend, blend!), all I know is that highlighting can give you such a youthful, healthy glow that it needs to stick around for the long haul.

Check out my youtube video below for the tutorial!

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xoxo, Arielle


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