How to Make Your Wardrobe 3x Bigger… Without Spending a Dime!

Who has ever felt like they have nothing to wear…? I have! Don’t lie, you know you have too! But every time you go shopping and it’s time to go out again, we still struggle to find something to wear!

Our closets are never big enough and our pockets are never deep enough. What a dilemma! While changing up our style is certainly something we all look forward to, that doesn’t mean we always have the funds to support it. The remedy? Work with what you’ve got! I’m here to give you some tips on how to make your wardrobe bigger without spending a dime.

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Take Advantage of The Basics 

Everybody owns basics. White tees, blue jeans, neutrals, that wear-with-everything trench coat, etc. Basics are such an important part of your closet. They allow you to mix and match with ease and you’re ready to go!

Make Sure You Own a Few Staple Pieces

Staple pieces are so versatile and give your closet life and character. For example, that one jumpsuit you bought that you feel like you can only wear once in a while so people don’t notice it’s the same jumpsuit… Yeah. Mix and match that same jumpsuit (or whatever that staple is) with different items in your closet, so you can get many more wears out of it! (and no one will question whether they just saw it or not!)

Don’t Be Afraid to Re-Wear Items

People really don’t pay as close attention to your wardrobe as you think they do. As long as you know how to pair these items with different things, nobody will notice!

Try A New Color Combination

Match your shoes to your outfit, or pair something unexpected together. New color combos bring a freshness to your style that will have you looking like a street style star!


Do Something Unpredictable

Wear a wrap skirt over a dress to add interest (love this look!) Or try wearing your white sneakers with unexpected pieces. You can also create a flattering silhouette by belting a monochromatic outfit, cut slits into the hem of your skinny jeans, or layer necklaces! If you do something you don’t normally do, people will automatically look at it with a fresh perspective.


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One thought on “How to Make Your Wardrobe 3x Bigger… Without Spending a Dime!

  1. I love these ideas. I think the thing I struggle most with when it comes to my wardrobe is the basics. I barely own any basic tees.

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