Valentine’s Day Makeup Look!

It’s date night! Either with your friends, significant other, or just by yourself! (Sometimes you just gotta get cute for yourself ya feel me) Keep reading to see how I achieved this look!

First, I start with my skin. I make sure I follow my trusty skincare routine (If you haven’t checked out that post yet, I’ve linked it for you here!) to get an even, clean base. If your skin is flawless (tell me your secrets! *insert eye emoji*) then just do a light foundation mixed with your face lotion (just like I did in my “no makeup” makeup look linked here!). If not, then apply your foundation and concealer as normal.

Contouring time! For this look I didn’t do heavy contouring, but I wanted my face to look a little bit chiseled. I don’t use any specific contouring kit, I just use a powder I got from the drugstore by Salma Hayek’s line, NUANCE.

I blend the powder into the hollows of my cheeks, on the top of my forehead (I try to minimize the size of my large forehead with this technique. Shoutout to the big headed girls out there!), under my jawline, lightly on my temples, and on the sides of the bridge of my nose to slim it down. I make sure to blend that well into my skin, but not too much where it looks muddy.

I fill in my eyebrows at this stage as well.


Now, for the eyeshadow. I blended a light wash of a pinkish-purple color extremely well into the crease of my eyelid with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Then, I take my Stila eyeshadow palette and use the bubbly color (bottom left corner) to pat onto the inner corner of my eyelid and tear duct with a regular eyeshadow brush. Next, I take the sunset color (2nd from the right on the top row) and pat it onto the rest of my eyelid and blend them together with the same brush. Finally, I take the matte sandstone color (far right top row) and blend it really well onto the outer corner of my eyelid (making sure it blends well with the crease color) and under my bottom lashes with the fluffy eyeshadow brush.



Finally, I blend a rosey-colored blush onto my cheeks, highlight down the bridge of my nose, the high points of my cheeks, and on my brow bone (above my eyeshadow), and apply my false lashes (making sure to apply mascara so the false lashes blend well with my real lashes, as well as apply mascara to my bottom lashes). Lastly, I apply my absolute favorite lip liner ever (Revlon ColorStay in Raisin) and use a nude lipstick on my lips to top it off. You can’t really see my highlight well in this photo but it definitely is poppin’ in person! All done!

IMG_4098 (1)

Pro tip: Use a makeup setting spray to ensure your makeup lasts all day and night! I use Urban Decay’s De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray (link here!).


Let me know what you guys think of this look!

Sorry about the lighting by the way, dorm lighting isn’t the best. Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Arielle


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