How To Cuff Your Jeans Like A Pro

Inspired by fashion trailblazers like Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, I’m here to show you the formulas behind the season’s must-try looks: the traditional skinny cuff, the undone half cuff (my fave!), and the polished thick cuff. Keep reading for all of my essential tips—you’re sure to become a pro by the end!

The Thick Cuff

A thick cuff requires a wider-leg pair of jeans that are a little loose.

Step One
Fold the jeans to create a one-inch cuff.

Step Two
Fold again so that the cuff is about two inches thick.

Step Three
Smooth out the cuff to create a polished look.


Styling Tip: Make this your weekend go-to with a relaxed tee and ankle-strap flats.

The Skinny Cuff

The skinny cuff works best on fitted silhouettes, as it creates the appearance of a long, lean line.

Step One
Fold the bottom of the jeans to create a half-inch cuff.

Step Two
Fold a second time, adding an extra half-inch to the cuff. It should be nice and tight and hit at or just above the ankle.


Styling Tip: Elongate your legs further by adding a nude wedge or low-cut heel.

The Half Cuff

The half cuff is best suited for slouchier styles like the boyfriend jean.

Step One
To achieve an accordion-like look, start by making a single four-inch cuff.

Step Two
Bunch the bottom of the cuff to create dimension and texture.

Step Three
Finish by folding the top hem downwards.

This style is shown in the featured image of this post!

Styling Tip: Give your jeans the downtown treatment by adding a worn-in leather jacket and statement stilettos.


This is my favorite way to wear my jeans cuffed!



xoxo, Arielle


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