How to Dress Like a Hilfiger Model

I’ve loved fashion forever, and let’s be real I’ve always thought about the possibility of being a model (any agencies out there, sign me up!). But for those of us who aren’t supermodels, don’t worry because we can still dress like one!

Last summer I was able to intern at Tommy Hilfiger in New York. I had the greatest experience and one of my favorite parts of it all was of course the clothes! *insert heart eye emoji* And I couldn’t leave New York without picking up some tips.

Even when running from show to show during fashion month, models still manage to look impossibly stylish at all times. Especially Hilfiger models! They epitomize the American-girl next door feel and I’ve got their secrets.

“Classic American Cool” and “Modern Ivy-League Prep” are the mottos to live by in Hilfiger’s world.


Perfectly Placed Stripes

Stripes don’t always have to make you look like you just stepped off of a yacht in the South of France (although that wouldn’t be such a bad thing!). Choose a dress with a few perfectly placed stripes and pair them with some white sneakers for a cool girl’s take on stripes!


Color Coordinate

Or when you want to step the coolness factor up a notch, color coordinate your accessories. Adding a chunky heel with a skinny ankle strap and a colorful bomber to match, you’ll look like you just stepped off the runway too!

IMG_2685 (1)

If a dress isn’t floating your boat that day, take cues from super model Behati Prinsloo. Distressed denim with a silky bomber jacket and chunky heels give you the relaxed vibe you’re looking for.


xoxo, Arielle



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